NanJing calling all first time filmmakers

NanJing calling all first time filmmakers

Discovery Channel's First Time Filmmakers is a competition that goes way back in 1995.

This initiative has travelled all around the world, from its first debut in Europe, to Asia, and most recently to South Korea.

Each year, the theme of the competition reflects that of the country which hosts it, and now, NanJing is calling.

The host of the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games is calling all first time filmmakers to submit their documentary ideas that captures the city's transformation from its rich, diverse past to a modern dynamic city of the 21st century.

If you are above 21 years old and have a proven track record in production, with a demonstrated flair for factual and documentary filmmaking through production with key local broadcasters in the region, First Time Filmmakers may be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Many documentary from previous instalments have gone on to win several international awards, such as "Best Documentary" at the 2003 Asian Television Awards and "Best Documentary Film" at the 2006 Malaysian Film Festival.

For more information to heed the NanJing Calling, head on over to the NanJing Calling: Discovery's First Time Filmmakers website. The deadline is 6pm, Janurary 23.