OtterBox Defender and Commuter Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 review

OtterBox Defender and Commuter Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 review
Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

I do not usually get cases for my phone, but when I do, I want to get the best - I want to get OtterBox.

So I contacted them, and they were kind enough to let me try out their Defender and Commuter series for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

OtterBox is known for the hardcore protection that their cases provide, preventing random mishaps that may ruin these expensive devices.

But OtterBox also knows that while protection is important, everyone has a limit to the thickness that they want to add to their devices, whose engineers had spent many late nights trying to cut another millimetre off a phone.

Thus the need for both the Defender and Commuter series.

OtterBox Defender Series / Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

The Defender series is a tank that provides a solid triple layer protection consisting of an plastic screen protector, an inner polycarbonate casing and an outer silicon layer that completes the package.

They have also included a holster! While I really do not see many people using it for its main purpose as a belt clip, it has a secondary purpose of acting as a stand.

The Defender series case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is priced at S$69.

Some might feel that the Defender series is simply too bulky for its benefits, and the plastic film that protects the screen makes the touchscreen less sensetive.

For these people, myself included, the Commuter series would be much preferred.

Otterbox Commuter Series / Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

While only consisting of 2 layers, the overall width and thickness is significantly reduced. There is no more plastic film that protects your screen, but there is a provided screen protector, something that will be familiar to many as the most necessary form of protection.

Yet I still feel that the protection is sufficient for me and priced at S$49, the Commuter series is personally my favourite of the two.

A third alternative is the Commuter wallet, which adds a drawer behind the case that has space for 3 cards and some notes and coins.

Be it to carry your cash with your phone or minimise the chances of you taking cash out of your wallet after an unfortunate mishap, Otterbox seems have got you covered.